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Your company works hard to reach your clients and attract new clients. “AGTA” can help to bring your company exposure in ways other club sites simply cannot!

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• Banner exposure not only on our home page but also throughout our web site!

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• A devoted Sponsor Section on the main page of our message forum where you can communicate with your clients, or create new clients. Advertise your specials and information creating a friendly environment on the forum.

• An ever expanding “tech section” where you can post tech videos, and tech articles hard linked back to your best products and services.

• Within our tech section we code up the HTML pages to not only pull the “how to” tech article on Google, Bing, and Yahoo searches but also code them to pull YOUR COMPANY.

• Pricing for 2010 for all of the above is $20 per month! There is NO better value to reach Trans Am owners on the web then “AGTA”

• We also can carry all of these services over to the following web sites in a custom package for you!

You can appear in the same manner on all of these sites for $50 per month for the rest of 2010. What other sites offer that kind of value?

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