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One of the best privately owned collections in the county!
AGTA Full Access Coverage!

When an AllGenTransAms member says "Hey want to see some cool cars, like 76 of them all with very low mileage? We listen! In early May 2010 AGTA was invited to view what we feel may very well be one of the best privately owned car collections in the United States.

The late spring sun shone down upon us as we arrived in Florida and the excitement grew smelling the fresh ocean air. (No oil on the beaches there!) All Gen Trans Ams members Fbodywarehouse and Fbodyhottie arrived on a late Friday afternoon and took some time to enjoy the warm air and enjoy some drinks at the Grand Hyatt Hotel by the airport.

Saturday morning arrived and with it we set out to check out some great collector cars. Upon arriving to the location one would never suspect within these walls there would be F-body heaven. We pulled in and were greeted by a fellow member of AGTA and walked in. The only words that come to mind is it a Dave and Buster's was geared toward American Muscle it still would pale in comparison. This was not some garage where you would find a few cars here and there, but indeed well over 70 cars and all in Pristine condition. Standing two stories tall the cars were spread out and each one displayed as though it was at an indoor car show. Every window was cleaned, every bit of chrome polished, and not a spec of dust to be seen!

We spent hours just walking through admiring each and eery car, hearing the unique story of every car. The crown jewels of this collection were of course a 1980 Indianapolis Pace Car with under 100 miles, and a white mid 70's with only 700 miles.

There were more and quite a bit more, like literally a collection of 1979 Camaro Z28 models in EVERY possible color combination.

Camera in hand we shot pictures for hours and enjoyed some excellent BBQ as well.The owner and his surrounding cast of helpers, restoration specialist, even the great lady who"has been known to drag race from time to time" who was in charge of keeping the building looking like a true showroom were all on hand to answer any questions anyone in attendance had. We were treated like family and I must say I would love to have the chance to return and spend more time with the cars once again!

You will find a ton of pictures below and also a few additional pages highlighting some of the crown jewels of this collection. It was an honor to represent AllGenTransAms and we had a great weekend!

CLICK pictures for larger images
CLICK pictures for larger images

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