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Year: 1980 Trubo Trans Am
Owner: David B.
Location: Knoxville, TN.
AllGenTransAms Member: DBridge

David Writes:

The Roman Red 1980 Trans Am has a history Documented to date back to 7/11/90 The car was owned by an owner who could not make payments, so therefore, the car was repossessed and sold at an auction in Ft. Pierce Florida. 34949-3255. A man named Mohammed U Or Farida Quaraishi bought the car for $125.00. The car was origionally bought at New Plaza Pontiac Co.

Quaraishi must have drove the car up here to Knoxville Tennessee and sold it. The Arnold family (used to be good family friends to my mom) wound up buying the car. The old man Gene got it and his son Zachary stole the title and car from him saying "Its my car bi***" yeah, you get the idea. The little idiot was going to drop the car a few inches and put 20'' rims on the car??? NOOOOO!!

I was in 7th grade and my mom was talking to the family and saw the car. She saw Smokey and the Bandit, so of course she wanted the car. A year before she filed for disability for neuropothy from diabetes, she bought the car. They screwed her over though, $4000. for a decent muscle car. Dry rotted tires, seales, cracked windshield and t-tops, rust holes and surface rust, wiring messed up, and it sat for 2 years before the sale. But the engine and trans is good. It was a bad deal though.... She wanted to drive the car home so of course I dont have my permit, so she drove it home, the happiest day ive ever seen her. It sat for awhile because we had no money to get parts. It sat for 2 more years. I started working on it ordering parts and making trips to the pull a part 2 hours from Fbodywarehouse. My mom later passed away at the hospital while me and my sister was at school.

I got in the Trans Am and started up the car and sat in it letting it idle.... I said "mom, why?" I thought I heard "I love you" either in the backseat or ahead of the car. I looked around and didn't see a thing.... I didn't go near the car for about 3 months. I thought it was a curse, I got over it and promised myself that I would finish what she started, and working for 7 months on it here and there, it is what it is now.

Cowl identification numbers: Deleted for member security.
Turns out it is NOT a Trans Am, just a firebird converted into a Turbo Trans Am. But its still a pretty solid car.

Interior to be replaced by 1981 "recaro" Pace car interior
New Windshield
New window trim
Carpet for the trunk
Manual Transmission 4-speed
Restore to go to Trans Am nationals

2 12'' Subs in trunk (Mom wanted a good system lol)
Under dash neons
Full Supernova LED neon kit

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