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Year: 1980 Indy Pace
Owner: Mike W.
Location: AR.
AllGenTransAms Member: MikeW

Mike Writes:

I purchased this car early in 2008, primarily because I got a pretty good deal on it and also because I bid on it on ebay and was not supposed to win the bid but did, so as is my creed, I did it so I bought it. I had a Tenth Anniversary at the time so I needed a second TA like I needed a whole in the head. Anyway, long and short, the car turned out to be an original 86000 mile car but as it came from the Chicago area, has areas of rust but all areas can be replaced with parts.

It is an original Turbo 301, auto and correct gear ratio rear. The car is in good shape mechanically and looks very good. It runs great and I have only found a few parts that need replacing. Usual things like battery tray. All the gages work as does the power antenna. As far as I can tell, the turbo works although I have not had it out to play with since bringing it home. I know the A/C compressor is free but is needing a Freon charge. This car has sat for many years and was purchased from the original owner by a father and son who began the restoration. I bought it from a speed shop who never registered it and I have yet to register the car. It was purchased in Northern Indiana (near Chicago) lived it life entirely up there until finding itís way to me. I have all the documentation, as well as the build sheet and have verified it is a authentic Pace Car factory replica with all the correct matching numbers. Except for the rust areas, the car is a very nice original.

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