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Year: 1987 GTA
AllGenTransAms Member: MacGyver

Dubbed Project WS87 by a friend as it was an 87, and a WS6.. hense WS87... Bought the 87 GTA from a woman that swore had a "383 stroker from a truck" in it.. cause her and her husband put it in... lol.. well.. supposedly they couldn't get it running after that.. said it prob needed a higher cold cranking battery... well.. the body was good.. and the price was decent.. so I picked it up.

Trailored it home, tried cranking it, it tried. Found the distributor cap was lose, adjusted it twice by hand, and it fired up, just not well. Ended up tearing out the engine out of curiousity to find out it was the STOCK 305.. *sigh* So I decided an LT1/T56 swap was in order... and then "Hey this is a great time to swap this out.. " and "Hey, this is the perfect time to do this.." Until I had NOTHING inside and out on the car... ended up starting a full ground up restoration on it.. LONG way to go.. but its getting there...

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