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Year: 2002 Trans Am
AllGenTransAms Member: MacGyver

I bought my 2002 Trans Am WS6 in April of '06 off a guy that accidently won 2 of them off of ebay. So brought it home and started learning about 4th gens... I had owned 4 3rd gens before it, but this was a COMPLETELY different world to me.. LOL.

So after a few months, the MOD bug hit me.. and I swapped the rims with "Hotwheels" rims, then added pacesetter longtube headers and the TSP Rumbler true dual exhaust which dumps out by the rear axle.

Then the transmission started going, so I got a 3600 stall and had the transmission upgraded and threw in 3.73 gears. Well, turns out stock 10 bolts don't like doing all the donuts I did at Year One that year and ended up exploding thus causing me to purchase a 12 bolt.

Since then I've added a few appearance mods, like silver side stripes, door emblems, etc. which helped in dubbing her "Silver Streak."

Dynoed at 342hp/355tq at the wheels and ran a best of 12.1 @109mph.

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