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Novemeber 2011 AllGenTransAms Member Feature
Year: 1981 Trans Am
Owner: Heather DeFazio
Location: Dunlap, Tennessee
AllGenTransAms Member: Fbodyhottie

1. What Year and Model is your car? How many miles?
1981 Pontiac Trans Am My odometer reads about 2K miles (thanks for the new speedo www.Gaugemarks.com )

2. What was it that made you choose that model Pontiac?

I prefer the 79-81 body style, and really wanted to do a black and gold car.

3. How long have you owned your car?

Itís been over a year now, bought it August 2010

4. Where and how did you find your car?

LMAO, I believe it came from a guy who had to sell some of his cars to come up with a retainer fee for a lawyer. Good friends of ours AGTA Members mmfryar (Mike & Marcia)got it from him and we bought it from them.

5. Is your car stock, restored, modified, or in between? If restored, tell us about the restoration. If modified, what ďmodsĒ have been done?

Restored, you can track the restoration on allgens build thread page. The paint was done, but I reupholstered the seats, new carpet, headliner, door panels, dash cap, rear armrest panels, Door seals, refinished snowflake wheels, new decals, engine gone through and repainted.

6. Do you have any future plans for your car?
Hopefully this winter pulling the 301 out and wrapping it up and sticking it in a safe spot and tossing some power in the engine bay, 400 W-72 is ready to install this winter.

7. Do you attend shows/events/races with your car? Are you a member of any clubs?

Yes, we go to as many shows as possible, donít race it because that would be embarrassing LMAO. Member of 78ta, allgentransams, allgencamaros, transamcountry, nastyz28

8. How many miles a year do you put on your car?

LotsÖ. My speedo wasnít hooked up till about 2 months ago, but I would say about 6K a year

9. Have you won anything with your car you're especially proud of?

Runner up at the 2011 Fbody Gathering. Thatís all Iíve registered it at though.

10. What's your fondest memory in/with your car?

I love putting it through parades. It is slow enough in a parade that I can hear peoples comments and I love hearing other people tell their kids/spouses/friends/strangers about the T/A they used to have or that their buddy had and how cool it was. We put it in the 4th of July parade and brought the kids and they loved it and we all had a great time. I work on these cars all the time and have been doing it for about 10 years now. I tend to not get attached because we flip Ďem and thatís just our business. This one however, has got under my skin and I call it mine. I have so much work and time into it that my head swells with pride when I am at a car show and people come up to me and tell me how nice it is. I do let it go to my head because I earned it with this car.

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