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June 2011 AllGenTransAms Member Feature
Year: 1981 Trans Am
AllGenTransAms Member: Kentuckyeti
Location: Symsolnia, Kentucky

1. What Year and Model is your car? How many miles?
1981 TTA 105,xxx miles

2. What was it that made you choose that model Pontiac?
I want to own them all!

3. How long have you owned your car?

Iíve actually owned it twice, this time Iív e owned it for a year.

4. Where and how did you find your car?

I saw it sitting (along with another í81 Pace Car) and stopped and introduced myself. I always kept in touch with them until I ended up owning both Nascars.

5. Is your car stock, restored, modified, or in between? If restored, tell us about the restoration. If modified, what ďmodsĒ have been done?

Mostly stock. It got a new paint job to replace the original paint 2 years ago. Fbodywarehouse restored the wheels last year. No performance mods of any kind wer done.

6. Do you have any future plans for your car?
Either drive it or sell it. I rarely keep one very long.

7. Do you attend shows/events/races with your car? Are you a member of any clubs?

Obviously, the Trans Am Nationals is a yearly pilgrimage for my wife and I. Thatís about it as far as national shows or clubs.

8. How many miles a year do you put on your car?

Maybe 200-300 miles

9. Have you won anything with your car you're especially proud of?

It has no trophies. It is really a driver. The Recaro seats are the most comfortable ones I have ever had in any Trans Am. We just like to take an occasional drive to a drive-in burger joint, or a sunny Sunday afternoon cruise.

10. What's your fondest memory in/with your car?

Being in the 2010 HPP photoshoot, and the turbo heat shield being signed by Mr. John Schinella himself!

Now with even larger "small" pictures. As always you can...
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