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August 2011 AllGenTransAms Member Feature

Year: 1976 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Trans Am
AllGenTransAms Member: Micheal Tyler
Location: Cleveland, Ohio

1. What Year and Model is your car? How many miles?
My car is a 1976 50th Anniversary Trans Am with just over 30,000 original miles.

2. What was it that made you choose that model Pontiac?
I had many of them when I was younger. My High School car was a 1975 Lemans Sport Coupe that looked like a 1973 GTO. When I returned from College I bought my first firethorn red 1976 Trans Am. I loved that car as it drove like a dream for me.

3. How long have you owned your car?

Almost 10 years now.

4. Where and how did you find your car?

I went to my first Trans Am Nationals and someone was selling one like it. When I came to his house to drive the car he had another car (a 50th) in his garage that he stated he would never sell. Well, I didn't but the first 1976 Trans Am he had but while I was in London on business a few months later the car was on Ebay so I called the guy and made him an offer and he sold it to me over the phone.

5. Is your car stock, restored, modified, or in between? If restored, tell us about the restoration. If modified, what “mods” have been done?

My car is almost entirely stock. I have one gauge in the console that isn't original and it is the only modification on the car now. I did give the car it's first tune up and found it still retained it's original 34 year old spark plugs and date coded wires.

6. Do you have any future plans for your car?
I plan to recharge the R-12 and get the A/C working. And replace the console with one that doesn't have a gauge in it.

7. Do you attend shows/events/races with your car? Are you a member of any clubs?

I attend many shows, I am a Judge for the Saratoga show, I've been a Judge at the Trans Am Nationals Tipp City, I am the current Secretary of the Ohio Firebirds and I am a Moderator on 78ta.com as well as AGTA. I am the MC for Tipp City at the Trans Am Nationals and I started a caravan that

8. How many miles a year do you put on your car?

Maybe 1,000 if the weather is nice.

9. Have you won anything with your car you're especially proud of?

My car won a trophy for Car of the Year from 78ta.com in 2007 voted by the public.

10. What's your fondest memory in/with your car?

When my wife drove it for the first time and earned the nickname of "Leadfoot". But you have to hear the story from me as it is a hoot! LOL

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